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A driveway extension is no simple task. It requires manpower, plenty of materials, and skill. Cooper Paving is a company that specializes in many paving jobs including driveway extensions for the people in the Annapolis, MD area.

Cooper Paving is a family run company that has been serving Anne Arundel County for over 50 years. The company is run by Gary, Mitt, and Dustin Cooper and they specialize in not only driveway extensions, but asphalt paving, seal repair, driveway gravel, parking lots, and tar services. They are a well-rounded company offering a lot of services to its local clients.

A driveway extension is even increasing the width or the length of a driveway to give the driveway more space for parking or other things such as recreational activities. The first thing a visitor sees when they visit a home is the driveway, so that first impression of a beautiful driveway is very important for a home’s overall image. Cooper Paving can do driveway extensions¬†using a variety of materials from asphalt to gravel to more decorative features such as stones.

Cooper Paving does not stop at residential driveway extensions, however. They also offer driveway extensions for businesses as well. Whether the business is a restaurant that needs increase the length of its driveway or a trucking company that needs a wider driveway to accommodate its trucks, Cooper Paving will have it covered.

Cooper Paving’s website contains a large gallery of their work, including that of driveway extensions to show off the Cooper Brothers’ excellent quality of work. They are one of the premiere contractors in Annapolis for that much needed or desired driveway extension. Their website contains testimonials, more examples and descriptions of the services they offer, and detailed before and after photos showing the work they do on their residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

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