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Most people at some point in the life of their driveway or other asphalt surface need seal coating and repair in Annapolis. Seal coating is the application of an oil based material that hardens and “seals” the surface of your asphalt. It is normally sprayed or brushed on, and will give your asphalt a like new appearance and repair any sort of cracking or surface wear. Here are some of the symptoms that your asphalt may need the service.

Any type of cracking. Over time, your asphalt will begin to show small micro cracks near the edges. Left untreated, these micro cracks grow at a high rate until your asphalt is cracked all the way through. It happens so fast because water and other liquids seep through into the surface and reduce the integrity of all of the asphalt. If you have any cracks, it is a good sign you may need seal coating and repair. This is especially insidious in the winter, when the water that seeps through into your asphalt freezes and expands. With any sort of cracks, there is a chance that your asphalt surface will crack through entirely in the space of a single night.

Excessive surface wear. If your asphalt is looking old or dingy, then it could use a new seal coating and repair. You will improve the aesthetic appearance of your asphalt and also increase its structural integrity. An old looking surface has also been worn down over time, and is a bigger threat to be cracked by excessive weight or falling objects. A new coat of sealant will also improve your asphalt surface’s integrity during the harsh winter months, when the wide extremes in temperature can introduce micro cracking.

If your asphalt surface shows any of these symptoms, then it’s time for a seal coating and repair. This job is a cost effective way to significantly extend the useful life of your asphalt surface without having to destroy your current surface and put down a new one. Before you decide to replace your current asphalt surface, consult an expert to decide if seal coating and repair is the right job for you.

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