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A tar and chip driveway tends to cost less than the more popular asphalt type. A fairly simple process, hot tar is poured across a gravel base. Once the hot tar has been laid across the gravel, a coating of rock chips is spread across the tar. The rock chips are rolled and quickly stick to the hot tar to form a rough surface. Sometimes, multiple layers of gravel and tar are laid to extend the driveway’s lifespan. The stone chips are usually visually appealing and make the finished driveway an eye catching landscape focal point. A variety of colored rock chips can create a costume look. Its natural appearance makes it blend into the native setting of the landscape. If an oil leak should occur on a tar and chip driveway, the oil stain can be camouflaged with the rock chips.

The stone chips in the driveway help create a rough surface which makes excellent traction, unlike other surfaces which can become slippery when wet. A chip and tar driveway is maintenance free. Once the driveway has been installed, no additional sealing is required. Some people opt to put in an ornamental edging along the driveway, but such a feature is not necessary.

Unfortunately, the rough surface can make snow removal difficult. A snow plow cannot completely remove the snow on the driveway’s surface or the rock chips may be disturbed. A thin layer of snow must be left on the driveway to protect the chips from the snow plow’s blade. If the chips are inadvertently removed, additional stones can be spread to cover the bare spots.

Environmentally conscious companies usually use low carbon footprint tar when installing a tar and chip driveway. It will generally last longer than a blacktop driveway if properly installed. Choose a company that has extensive experience laying a tar and chip driveway to help guarantee the perfect look when finished.

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