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Increase the value of your commercial or residential property by providing more parking or upgrading the space you have. Cooper Paving services can clear and prepare your site, including any grading that is required. An adequately prepared and professionally installed driveway or parking lot will have increased durability and value. Then, choose your preferred material for your paving needs; including asphalt, tar and chip, or gravel.

Preparing the Site and Grading
When you build a house, you need to have the best foundation to keep things standing. Similarly, you need the area correctly prepared and the foundation laid before paving begins to avoid cracks and other structural problems. All excavation, clearing, grading, and preparations are completed with the most economical and environmentally-friendly practices possible.

A smooth asphalt finish creates an attractive place to park, is the easiest to maintain and is also the most durable. Asphalt is composed of sand, stone and liquid asphalt and will add value to your commercial or residential property.

Tar and Chip
For a distinctive look, choose Tar and Chip for your paving. It has the durability of asphalt and an aggregate surface which improves traction in wet or slippery weather. Due to the labor-intensive installation, this option is similar in cost to asphalt.

A simple gravel driveway can also suit your needs as a place to prevent erosion, mud, and ruts. This economical option may be perfect for new construction or large lots. If you decide later to have asphalt installed, it can be added directly over the gravel.

Seal Coating and Repair
Protect your paved areas by maintaining them with a seal coat. The summer heat can create cracks and the winter ice can freeze and expand to split them further. During seal coating, an emulsion or oil based liquid material is applied to an asphalt surface by either a brush or spray technique. By filling in the gaps, the coating provides a smooth surface for an attractive finish and prevention of further cracks and holes. It is recommended to have the driveway sealed every few years for maximum quality.

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