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Commercial paving is a specialized service requiring quality workmanship, equipment, and products, no matter the size of the job. Paving services include asphalt paving, grading, seal coating and repair, driveway graveling, tar and chip, site work and clearing, and parking areas.

Asphalt, comprised of sand, stone, and liquid asphalt, is a durable surface ideal for commercial and residential properties, and adds value to your business and home. Tar and chip is an application with an exposed aggregate look and the durability of asphalt. It is a labor intensive application with long-lasting beauty, well worth the cost. Seal coating and repair requires brush or spray application of an emulsion or oil based liquid material to an asphalt surface. Seal coating reduces cracking of the asphalt which keeps the surface looking new by sealing pores not allowing water to settle, freeze, and crack an asphalt surface. Gravel driveways are usually covered with crushed gravel, the cheapest type of driveway material. An alternative is crushed stone which is a bit more expensive than crushed gravel. Graveled driveways require little maintenance and can be paved over with asphalt.

Site work and clearing is the first step in new construction and development projects. An accurate assessment of each site determines the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of preparing the site for construction. Grading involves excavating and cutting sub grade to fine-grading and stone placement, all important steps to create a solid base for asphalt paving or graveling. Whether a pad for a dumpster, additional parking for customers, or an offset in a residential driveway, grading is a vital step for a job well done.

New and additional parking areas begin with excavation of the area to be paved, removing unsuitable materials and creating the proper grade for the parking area. Catch basins for water run-off are installed before aggregate base material is installed and compacted. Concrete curbing and guttering is optional. Asphalt surfacing is applied using a self-propelled paver. Paved parking areas of a business or residence often create the first impression upon visitors. It is important a parking area is accessible and ample for ease of use. When a parking area is properly constructed and maintained, the lasting impression it creates on visitors is positive and welcoming.

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