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If you need a natural looking driveway that blends perfectly with your landscaping, consider a tar and chip driveway. Not only are tar and chip driveways aesthetically pleasing, but their unique construction can provide additional benefits over other types of paving such as asphalt or concrete.

The tar and chip paving method was first implemented around 1820. In fact the first public tar and chip road constructed in the United States was in the state of Maryland, between Boonsboro and Hagerstown. After completion it was called the Boonsboro Turnpike Road.

The tar and chip process is actually rather simple. An open-structured macadam or frame may be constructed for the area to be paved. Tar is then applied in a layer over the open surface. Next an even layer of aggregate or “chips” is placed over the tar. The chips are normally stone, but other material may be used. The chips are available in different types and sizes to create different aesthetically pleasing effects as well as to provide a certain amount of functionality. To complete the process, a heavy weighted paving roller levels the mixture and at the same time presses the chips into the tar which adheres the chips to each other and the bare surface underneath.

Although many references site tar and chip driveways as a cheap alternative to asphalt or concrete driveways, this is not necessarily the case. When tar and chip driveway construction is done properly and in a manner that provides a pleasing finished appearance, the application is very labor intensive.

One important advantage of using the tar and chip method to construct a driveway is the added traction provided by the shape of the aggregate (chip). The finished appearance of a tar and chip driveway appears smooth overall, but the driveway maintains greater traction due to the irregular surface of the chip.

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