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An asphalt driveway is available at almost half the cost of a concrete driveway. Most people are probably more familiar with the term paving instead of asphalt. A paved surface requires less preparation and therefore cuts done on the time needed to finish the work. Concrete requires digging to a specific depth and installing a bed of gravel that has to be an exact size to prevent damage to the concrete slabs. Concrete also requires installation of forms to hold the concrete and several days of curing before it can be driven upon.

A paved surface is a beautiful smooth black top that can follow subtle contours of the land where concrete requires altering the surface of the landscape to suit the needs of laying out the concrete slabs. Large areas can be finished in a short amount of time. Surrounding lawn and landscape need not be damaged by equipment such as trucks trying to pour concrete. Concrete slabs are much more sensitive to frost heave than pavement. Cracks and surface damage to concrete is much more difficult and costly to repair than repairing pavement.

An asphalt driveway is less labor intensive than one made of concrete. Workers must screed and smooth concrete mostly by hand. Paving has a larger proportion of the work handled by machines which cuts down on labor costs. Sealants that should be periodically applied to concrete are costly whereas pavement sealant is inexpensive and easy to apply.

Sharp corners and curves require that complicated forms be built to form the wet concrete into slabs where pavement can be spread easily most anywhere by machine. A family can also drive on a paved surface the very next day instead of having to park on the street while concrete cures. Pavement makes a better aesthetic joining at the road rather than the abrupt change from concrete to paved road.

Keep the savings in the bank for the future rather then spending extra on concrete. There is a reason why most of the roads are paved instead of being made of concrete. Enjoy the savings and benefits at home too.

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