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MHIC #126941
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Seal coating an asphalt surface is vital due to the asphalt having great adhesive and waterproofing properties. It additionally possesses very serious flaws which relate to the chemical makeup that offers simple access to chemicals, salts and weather which ruin the molecules in the asphalt. While the molecules are being ruined, the asphalt will lose a lot of its unique properties, like binding and waterproofing. The initial sign that’s visual of this includes an alteration in its color from a black color to a brown to a gray tone. Asphalt includes a byproduct of petroleum distillation processes, so it’s simply dissolved by several other products that are additionally taken from from petroleum. It’s due to these items coming from the exact same source, thus possessing a natural affinity for one another and will attempt to rejoin as they are again put together. Thus, gasoline and oil will both operate to simply dissolve asphalt, that has several chemicals that are similar.

This issue is usually only viewed in low traffic, off-street pavements like minor streets or driveways and locations where the gasoline and oil had an opportunity to soak and sit in. The asphalt coating could resist the other substances as well as keep the chemicals from interacting, thus extending a life of asphalt as well as eliminating the necessity for expensive, excessive patching and repairs. If your asphalt requires repair, make sure you do it rapidly, as no asphalt seal coating could protect asphalt from the water and other elements as the surface is cracked. Though as the crack appears, they’ll come back, but it is worth it to fill and patch them as it is less expensive to do this than to re-lay the whole parking lot or driveway.

However, contrary to common belief, the asphalt doesn’t require annual re-coating. If you re-coat too often, it can cause issues like peeling around the 10 year point. You must be very cautious with whom you pick to lay the seal coating, as customers are usually not well educated on the process.

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