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When the need to pave your residential driveway arises, it can be difficult to choose what features you would like you asphalt driveway to have and, just as importantly, which company to hire to do the job. It is important for the company you hire to be insured and bonded. Having numerous years of experience and examples of projects completed by the company are valuable for a company to have, and may determine which company you choose to pave your residential drive.

When choosing the right style for your residential driveway, there are several factors to think about. Cost, durability, and the look you are trying to achieve for your driveway can help you decide what is right for you. First, asphalt paving is a strong and hard surface that is used to pave both residential and commercial driveways. It is made of sand, stone, and liquid asphalt. This style of paving will greatly add to the property value of your home. Tar & Chip is a feature for driveways in which it is applied to give an exposed aggregate look. Tar & Chip has the durability of asphalt, but is also very labor-intensive. Because of this, Tar & Chip is not a cheaper alternative, so budget-conscious customers should consider and weigh all of their options. Driveway Gravel is also another option for your residential driveway. While not as smooth as asphalt, gravel can look charming on the driveways of homes located in rural areas.

Once you have decided to pave your home’s driveway, it is also important to think about protecting your investment for years to come. Asphalt sealant can keep a driveway looking newer longer and can also prevent the asphalt from cracking. Asphalt cracks occur when water gets into the pores of the driveway. Once the water freezes, it expands, making the asphalt crack. This is especially common in colder climates and should be considered when paving your residential driveway. The sealant is coated onto the driveway using a brush or spray method and can help protect the asphalt against harsh and cold weather.

When paving your residential driveway, it is important to think of your budget, what you want your driveway to look like, and what features you need to have. The region you live in and its climate conditions can also play a big role in considering what would be the best driveway for you.

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