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Presentation and curb appeal of any establishment, be it home, office or retail mall is not only in the building, but also its surroundings. For instance, the driveway or parking lot is an imperative part of the establishment. In some ways, the driveway is as much a factor in first impression as is the landscaping.  Outside appearance means a lot when trying to attract buyers, customers or clients.

Keeping your driveway or parking lot well maintained is essential not just for value, but also for appeal. Customers and visitors alike will judge you the person by first impression. When the driveway or parking lot is cracked with grass or weeds growing between the cracks and sections or if the finish becomes stained and damaged its time to repair, replace or restore the area back to its original state.

Why Sealcoat or Repair Asphalt: Weatherproofing

The devastation of weather plays havoc on everything; especially anything manmade. By sealcoating your driveway, you can prevent damage from occurring or at least delay the period in which it would occur. If damage has already occurred, sealcoating will prevent further damage and costly repairs. Manufacturers installers recommend applying sealcoat every two years: no less.

Why Sealcoat or Repair Asphalt: Protect Your Investment

Your establishment be it home or business is an investment. Your driveway or parking lot is a good segment of that investment. By maintaining the initial state of the parking area, your investment is protected and will continue to increase in value. Allowing damage to occur with no repair will decrease the value of your property. Regular maintenance maintains the value of your property. In addition, regular maintenance encourages appreciation in property value.

Why Sealcoat or Repair Asphalt: Extends Life of Your Driveway or Parking Lot

Sealcoating slows down the process of wear and tear on your driveway or parking lot. By applying a sealcoat, sun, water, wind, snow and ice damage is retarded.

Why Sealcoat or Repair Asphalt: Protects Asphalt from Manmade Chemical Damage

Manmade chemicals such as oil, antifreeze, windshield cleaners, gasoline, or any other fuels cause the breakdown or erosion of your asphalt when allowed to seep into the open crevices. Sealcoating your asphalt prevents these chemicals from seeping in and destroying the compounds. In addition, regular maintenance extends the life of your parking lot.

When investing your time and money, make sure you understand the requirements. Perform maintenance regularly to keep your investment looking its best and lasting as long as possible.

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