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When you need a residential, commercial or industrial paving contractor, trust in the experienced professionals of Cooper paving. We have extensive experience with asphalt paving, seal coating & repair, driveway gravel, grading, site work / clearing, tar & chip and new & additional parking.

Over time, pavement deteriorates due to extensive use and water damage. Cracks, potholes and chips can cause vehicle damage and turn into safety concerns.

We, at Cooper paving, are professional paving contractors, using state-of-the-art equipment. We are the proven leaders for the residential driveway Maryland.

We carefully prepares sites, ensuring the proper grade for water drainage. We can repair or replace your pavement. If you need home pavement Annapolis, turn to the paving experts.

When you need to fix cracks and potholes in commercial parking lots, we provide a paving solution that fits your budget. Don’t lose customers due to uneven pavement.

Cooper paving is experienced with recreational and playground surfaces, like basketball courts. Rid your pick-up games of the crazy bounces and safety concerns that are the result of uneven cracks. Replace the old, uneven surface with a new, even paving surface.

We are industrial paving contractors, who have replaced pavement at boatyards also.

Your pavement should last for a long time, don’t invest in a pavement solution that is half-hearted or lacks quality. Trust in Cooper paving for your paving surfaces. We provide unbeatable customer service.

If you demand paving excellence, then contact Cooper Paving for your next paving project.

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