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Annapolis seal-coating services for pavementFirst impressions are everything for business owners seeking to acquire and maintain customers. A business with a well-maintained appearance-inside and out- is more likely to attract potential customers. This aesthetic value is priceless and is one crucial reason to maintain your business’ parking lot and paved surfaces.

It is also important to keep your lot in good condition due to liability concerns. As a business owner, you are liable for any incident that occurs on your lot as a result of your company’s negligence. For example, a person falls in your lot and suffers an injury due to neglected pot hole maintenance. Or a vehicle is damaged due to lack of parking lot maintenance. In many states, this may be grounds for a lawsuit where your company may end up compensating the injured person or driver of the damaged vehicle.

It is essential to keep your lot and paved surfaces in good working condition to avoid either of these outcomes. Care and maintenance of your property and its surroundings is an important investment in your business. Having a licensed professional repair and maintain your business’ driving surface is crucial to its longevity as well. Over time asphalt breaks down and deteriorates due to wear and weather. Your licensed contractor can recommended the appropriate maintenance steps such as seal coating to protect and extend the life of the paved surface.

Cooper Paving of Annapolis, Maryland provides professional installation and service for your business parking lot, commercial space or boatyard. We have been a trusted commercial paving contractor in the Anne Arundel County area for more than 50 years. Check out our gallery of commercial work. Got questions more about your business’ needs? Contact us for a free estimate.

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