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Owning your own home can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it can also get rather expensive at times. One of those times is in the area upkeep or improvement of your property. As anyone who has ever owned a property and built a home on it already knows, it is often far more expensive and time-consuming to have a paved driveway poured for your home than it is to build a gravel driveway. However, a gravel driveway has more upkeep involved.

The way in which a gravel driveway is maintained and usable is by occasionally grading the driveway. A ‘grade’ in building and engineering is the angle of slope, or gradient, is the amount of vertical inclination of a given surface in relation to that surfaces’ horizontal length. A flat, level grade would, therefore, have a value of zero, and the higher the number above zero, the steeper the incline.

It is moderately possible to grade your gravel driveway by hand, at least as a short term solution, using a heavy metal rake or similar tool to even out the gravel. However, it is far better to use some type of mechanical means to grade your driveway, as this will produce the best, longest lasting results. The most common way of grading a driveway is to attache a large grading blade to a truck or heavy tractor. These tow-behind devices are similar in many ways to a large metal rake. Driving up and down the driveway with the blade attached to the back of a vehicle, the blades of the tool will dig into and redistribute the gravel, evenly layering in to a flat surface, while filling holes and strengthening weakened areas of the driveway. This will also help to make your driveway drainage work more efficiently, if done properly.

Always remember, while there is an expense to grading your driveway, it is still far lower than the expense of costly repairs should you neglect your driveway for too long.

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