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Is your lot winterized?

Dec 19, 2017 :: cooperpaving

Do you own a commercial or residential parking lot? Do you know if your lot is ready for the harsh winter conditions? Winterizing your commercial or residential parking lot can…

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Winter Is Coming, Protect Your Pavement

Nov 21, 2017 :: cooperpaving

Winter time can be harsh on your paved surfaces. Your sidewalks and driveways can take hit from all the ice and snow and from removal methods.  Pavement can become cracked…

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Are You Thinking of Selling?

Oct 31, 2017 :: cooperpaving

Are you thinking of selling your home? Repaving your driveway adds curb appeal.  If you are considering putting your house on the market, repaving your driveway could help you sell.…

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When to Seal Coat Your Driveway

Sep 19, 2017 :: cooperpaving

At Cooper Paving we are frequently asked, “How often should I seal coat my driveway?”.  Our response depends on several factors and is unique to each homeowner.  To start, ask…

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How to Maintain Your Asphalt Driveway

Aug 8, 2017 :: cooperpaving

If you’ve recently had your asphalt driveway installed or repaired you’ll want to keep it looking fresh for years to come. Asphalt is one of the strongest and most durable…

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Gravel vs. Asphalt For Your Driveway

Jul 17, 2017 :: cooperpaving

Not sure what driveway surface to choose for your new home?  You want to be sure to invest in a long lasting option for your home and you want to…

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Cooper Paving Offers Residential Driveway Grading

Jun 20, 2017 :: cooperpaving

Got Driveway Drainage Issues? Does your driveway or patio look more like a river after a heavy summer rainfall?  Do you find yourself dodging water filled pot holes on the…

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The Benefits of Extending Your Driveway

May 1, 2017 :: cooperpaving

Not enough space in the driveway for your growing family?  A driveway extension is the ideal solution when you have several vehicles and not enough space to store them all.…

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Repair & Protect Your Driveway This Spring

Apr 4, 2017 :: cooperpaving

Although snow accumulations were light this year in the mid-atlantic, your driveway may still be showing signs of wear and tear. Any moisture we have had this winter, along with…

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Why You Should Repave Your Business’ Parking Lot

Mar 3, 2017 :: cooperpaving

First impressions are everything.  When a new or potential customer drives into your place of business you want to put your best face forward.  If your parking lot or driving…

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A Quality Driveway For Your Home

Feb 15, 2017 :: cooperpaving

Driveway paving is an important element of a well-designed and landscaped property. Visitors and potential buyers view this part of the house first, so keep it looking fresh, clean and solid.…

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When To Repair Or Replace Your Driveway

Jan 6, 2017 :: cooperpaving

Is your driveway showing its age? Winter has only just begun in the Mid Atlantic where homeowners can expect weather-related wear and tear to greatly effect condition of their driveway.…

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‘Tis The Season For Asphalt Paving

Dec 13, 2016 :: cooperpaving

‘Tis the season for potholes and patched roads in the Mid Atlantic.  Why not give your home or business the gift of a smooth driving surface this holiday season?  Copper…

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How to Choose a Paving Contractor

Nov 15, 2016 :: cooperpaving

With so many choices in Maryland paving contractors you may ask yourself, “how do I choose a reputable paving contractor within my budget?”. Here are a few key questions you…

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Winter Is Coming – Be Ready With Cooper Paving!

Oct 21, 2016 :: cooperpaving

Winter will be arriving in the Mid-Atlantic before you know it.  Why not be prepared this year and get your home and property ready for winter’s harsh conditions before it starts?!  At…

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Need More Space? Consider A Driveway Extension

Sep 13, 2016 :: cooperpaving

Asphalt driveways aren’t just for cars. Take a drive in any suburban neighborhood and you will find an array of recreational activities right there on the blacktop. And as families…

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Driveway Seal Coating To Protect Your Investment

Aug 4, 2016 :: cooperpaving

Do you want to insure that your asphalt driveway stays in the best condition possible for as long as possible? If so, you need to consider seal coating. What is…

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Summer Asphalt Paving

Jul 8, 2016 :: cooperpaving

Summer is a busy season at Cooper Paving of Annapolis, Maryland. We are hard at work making sure that all of our client’s asphalt parking lots are repaired, sealed and…

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Trust Cooper Paving For Residential & Commercial Paving Needs

Jun 9, 2016 :: cooperpaving

At Cooper Paving, Quality Matters Since 1958, Cooper Paving in Annapolis, Maryland has prided itself on providing top quality paving for residential, industrial and commercial clients. Cooper Paving has built…

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Spring Is The Season Of The Driveway!

May 2, 2016 :: cooperpaving

Spring is finally here and now it’s time to decide what to do about your winter ravaged driveway.  But don’t fret, the experts at Cooper Paving of Annapolis, Maryland can…

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